Western Association of Independent Camps


Membership Benefits

All members of WAIC enjoy a variety of benefits that will strengthen the total camp operation.

* Camp networking
* Open sharing of ideas and information
* Opportunity to interact with well established leaders of organized camping
* WAIC is nationally recognized as a leader in camping
* Strong leadership from Member Camps and Camp Directors
* Members are required to participate
* Focus on the needs and concerns of Independent Camps
* All WAIC Member Camps are ACA accredited
* Diversity of camps, regions and camp experiences
* Annual Conference with outstanding speakers and professional growth
* Section Meetings with open and candid discussion of important topics
* WAIC List online mailings with valuable updates on important issues and educational articles
* Listing on the WAIC website with a link to your camp in "Find a Camp and "Find a Job"
* Authority to use the WAIC logo on all promotional materials
* Provides camp with another level of credibility
* Encourages professionalism among camp owners and camp directors
* Provides a high standard and Code of Ethics for all Member Camps
* Opportunity to participate in a variety of co-op marketing programs

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Camp Eligibility
WAIC Eligibility Standards checklist:

1. The camp must be accredited by ACA for at least two (2) years prior to the date WAIC
Member status is conferred.
2. The camp is an independent camp that has been in operation for at least four (4) years
as of the date membership is conferred.
3. The camp complies with WAIC and ACA ethical standards (there must be no outstanding
ethical complaints).
4. The camp has at least ten (10) campers at one time.
5. The camp has been visited by a WAIC representative.

For an application, please click here or contact the WAIC Association Manager.

WAIC Membership Agreement

* Each active camp pays annual dues.
* Each active camp submits a factual listing for the WAIC website
* A designated director or camp representative with proxy attends at least two WAIC section meetings annually.
* A designated director or camp representative with proxy attends the annual WAIC conference and the annual meeting.
* Each active camp member submits the annual report survey of camp activities, enrollment, health and supervision statistics by the requested date.
* All active camp members are expected to be active in their local sections of the American Camp Association as well as WAIC.
* Each member is expected to participate in the operation of the association by becoming involved in elected duties, appointed responsibilities and volunteering for conferences and section meetings.

Membership Application Process
Getting started:

1. Complete a Guest Affiliate Application Form and submit it to the Association
Office. The WAIC Board will review the application and vote on the acceptance as a Guest
Affiliate member.

2. Pay the Guest Affiliate dues of $300 per year to the Association Office. Guest
Affiliates are also required to attend the annual conference (estimated expenses of $1000-
$1200 are needed for the conference, registration and hotel).

3. Prior to becoming a Member Camp of WAIC, the camp must meet all of the WAIC Eligibility
Standards. A camp may initiate the Guest Affiliate Status without meeting all of the
WAIC Eligibility Standards, however, before becoming a Member Camp of WAIC, all
requirements must be met. A camp may be a Guest Affiliate for up to five (5) years.

4. The Guest Affiliate has the rights of full membership, except:

  • Guest Affiliates may not use the WAIC logo on advertising;
  • Guest Affiliates have no voting privileges;
  • Guest Affiliates will not be listed in the WAIC Directory;
  • Guest Affiliates will not receive a copy of the WAIC Annual Report
  • Guest Affiliates may not attend closed sessions of the WAIC Annual Meeting.

5. The designated director of a Guest Affiliate camp must attend at least two consecutive
annual WAIC conferences and at least two section meetings per year.

6. The Guest Affiliate Camp will be inducted as a Member Camp of WAIC after all of the
WAIC Eligibility Standards are met. This process will take no less than two years. Camps
are inducted as Member Camps at the third consecutive annual conference if all other
Eligibility Standards have been met.

7. Once a camp has been inducted into WAIC, annual dues are $600.

If you would like to download Guest Affiliate information, please click on the following documents:

Guest Affiliate Information

Guest Affiliate Application




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